Process Overview

Quick History

Developed by DuPont Engineering 40 years ago in response to the question: “Why are we getting such a large variance in gold yields for identical sample lots of process, sludge, gold baths and filters? The answer was simply process limitations within each refiner’s facility. The result was the development of a chemical – not melting – process to eliminate contaminates and potential sampling errors – both very costly in the conventional methodology of gold extraction.

Who Benefits

Ideally, those companies in the INTERCONNECTION INDUSTRY, COMMERCIAL PLATING and METAL STAMPING COMPANIES can sharply increase their returns without capital investments and/or long drawn out project studies. With today’s quest to shrink costs, maximize revenue and gold prices near historic highs: can you afford potentially reducing your payout by 5-15%?

Lab Picture
NAPCO tight shot

Going Lean?

Our solution methodology and automated equipment allow us to process relatively small lots you may have instead of waiting to accumulate larger amounts of material sufficient to interest our competitors. Smaller more frequent lots DECREASES YOUR CYCLE TIME and INCREASES YOUR POTENTIAL CASH FLOW.

We Specialize in Gold Plated…

  • Connector Manufacturers
  • Stamping Vendors
  • Precious Metal Platers