MRT Advantages

No Long Term Contracts To Tie Your Future Options

  • One page summary of MRT’s Actions and Commitments, Timing, and Pricing
  • You don’t need a lawyer to understand our terms

Advance Payments for Established Product Scrap

  • Increased CASH FLOW when everyone really needs it
  • Payments in 3 days not 3 months

Detailed summary Of Gold, Palladium, Silver And Copper Values

  • To help you understand what is happening within your operational processes

We Can Handle Lot Sizes from 10 lbs To Over 40k lbs

  • You don’t get hit with additive costs because you don’t fully fill their melting furnaces

Return Of Expensive Shipping Materials Where Practical

  • Skids, Reels, Drums, Etc.

We Do Welcome Your Visits Anytime

  • Even For Your Intellectual Curiosity