Increase Your Gold Recovery Yield

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Can you imagine gaining AN ADDITIONAL NET 5-15% PER POUND of your company’s precious metal scrap simply by changing vendors?

You can get a NO COST (no commitment) lab analysis of your scrap’s potential return from us TODAY!

How Do We Accomplish Getting You More Gold?

We provide you with the highest value return of your metallic and encapsulated materials. We are confident your gold returns will be greater than our competition.

Unlike smelting, our three-step process eliminates the typical loss factors inherent in the burning process.

Gold is lost through a number of refining activities. When a refiner states they will give you back 95% of what they “find” they are correct.

In refining/smelting, did you ever wonder what has happened to your material when you note that the “after melt” weight can be as much as 10% less than the amount you sent?

We use highly accurate and consistent laboratory disciplines to determine metal concentrations within EACH lot of material processed. We invite your personal visit to our facility.

Let’s have a discussion. Let us prove how MRT’s process yield values can be greater than that of our competition