MRT Advantages
No Long Term Contracts To Tie Your Future Options
  • One page summary of MRT's Actions and Commitments, Timing, and Pricing
  • You don't need to be a Philadelphia lawyer to understand our terms

  • Advance Payments for Established Product Scrap
  • Increased CASH FLOW when everyone really needs it
  • Payments in 3 days not 3 months

  • Detailed summary Of Gold, Palladium And Copper Values
  • To help you understand what is happening within your operational processes

  • We Can Handle Lot Sizes From 750 Lbs To Over 15,000 Lbs
  • You don't get hit with additive costs because you don't fully fill their melting furnaces

  • Return Of Expensive Shipping Materials Where Practical

    Increased Confidence To Eliminate Representation Costs
  • Spend money to witness a GREATER return then what you were previously receiving - WHY?
  • We do welcome your visits anytime - even for your intellectual curiosity

  • MRT - Materials Recovery Technologies   Phone: 717-877-1212 or 717-887-3423
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